Berlin Brown is a professional software engineer with more than a fifteen years of professional application development experience that has a proven track record of producing quality distributed software. My non-professional programming career started in Austin, Texas when I was 10 years old with the TRS-80 with early BASIC (Tandy RadioShack) and I haven't stopped programming since. My current focus technology stack includes Java enterprise web, mobile application development for Android and iOS. I am currently working with a financial services company (formerly a Citigroup unit), also with the City of Atlanta on a billion dollar engineering project and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for a public health data collection module.

Specialties: Backend Java development, Frontend Hybrid development IBM Mobilefirst/Worklight, J2EE, performance analysis, web application security, IBM Webshere, IBM DB2 with a focus on Financial Services and Insurance.

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Open Projects

JVM Notebook - Small projects demonstrating the features of various JVM languages including scala, jython, drools, antrl, abcl.

Java Clojure PDF Generator - Simple editor written in Java Clojure.

Squirm Artificial Chemistry Java 2D game demo

Simplest Possible POC Projects -

Small Reddit Like Site in Java - Post links to webapp, comments and more

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